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Alps Friday - Cracked Frame - Need new frame quickly !!!!

edited June 2008 in MTB buying advice
Just went out to build up some fitness before my alps holiday and noticed a big crack on my Mongoose Teocali Frame where the seat stay meets the top tube. Everyone has said it cant be welded, so I need a new (or second hand) frame. I need to build it before friday so i have to get the right one. I need it to match the rest of my bike, which is :-
AM1 150mm forks
8inch Hayes strokers
73x113 BB

If i get a frame with a 73mm bottom bracket shell will all the drive train line up like it did on the mongoose ?

How important is the frame to shock guide lines e.g. the cove stiffee is reccomended to 140mm as was my teocali but would it be ok with 150mm AM1 (tall fork).

Can these big 8" brakes damage frames, do i need to check this.

Can anyone reccomend a frame to match this spec. I think its going to be a stiffy if its new. I can afford a new full suss, but could get a secondhand one if i no what to look for??
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