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I'm in the process of buying my bike and wondered how cyclescheme vouchers worked in relation to other offers.
I believed that the vouchers were the same as money to a bike shop, however they seem to be invalid in regards receiving deals.

I had asked for a £700 pound voucher and planned to get a bike plus accessories and then pay for a bike for my girlfriend on top of this. The owner offered me a good deal, however the second her saw the voucher this was retracted. Similarly a friend visited Evans' with the corresponding voucher and was told he would have to 'pay' full price for sale items if he wanted to use the voucher.

Is this correct?


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    its a bit muddy that one like.

    i got all the offers etc with mine at halfords, including the £50 of free stuff for spending over £250 on a bike.

    my mate went into the same shop a week later with his voucher and they wouldnt let him have any of the deals at all.

    i did quite well out of it like, a £400 voucher, they threw £60 on top for free, then halfords gave me the £50 for spending over £250.

    £510 in total and i'll pay back about £290 all in all :)
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    Sounds good.

    My bet is that they're supposed to treat it as cash/ offers etc, however they think they can bulls££t you into believing they're doing you a favour in taking it off you and assume they don't have to offer you anything!
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    I think it might also depend on the scheme. If it is something like then they take a 10% commission from the bike shop. So you can understand that the bike shop might not want to accept that on top of other discounts.
    Certainly when I was looking I got told that I'd have to pay list price if I used the scheme.

    On the other hand a friend has just got a bike via the Evan's scheme and i am pretty sure he got a healthy discount on a last years bike. I am guessing that Evans do not take a commission from themselves so I guess other discounts are then allowed!
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    I got mine through the Halfords Cycle2Work and got my company's extra £40 on top and the Halfords £50 voucher. Did you not ask the guy in the shop what difference it made to him and if there was some kind of deal you could come to?

  • I got my Dawg on sale from JE James cycles, reduced from £1500 to £900. No problems accepting the Cyclescheme voucher.
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    As has been said above there are different schemes and only some would be equivalent to cash for the bike shop.
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    Bike shop were honest with me when getting bike on Cycle to Work - It costs them 10%.

    So did a deal with them.

    Last years bike was on offer at £700 instead of £950, so I paid £770 on the scheme. £70 to Scheme, £700 to shop and I pay £439 (over 12mths) - everyone's happy!
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    It varies - depending on the shop.

    You'll have no such problem with Evans or Wiggle. Full discount plus cyclescheme.

    Some places will reduce any discount to cover the cyclescheme costs (about 10% of RRP) - so your 30% off deal may become a 20% off deal with cycle scheme.

    Some places, usually smaller ones, will not offer cyclescheme with discounts.

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  • Personally, I think if you find somewhere that is not willing to give you the same offer as someone paying by cash/cheque/card then take your custom elsewhere.
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    I second Megatron, there are obviously people willing to do a deal - don't waste your time arguing with somebody who won't.

    You're not tied into using one shop are you?
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    When I was looking for a bike a while ago there were no offers available on the bike I was interested in. That was OK as the bike was a popular 2008 model. The shop I was talking to was obviously prepared to sell it to me for the full RRP, then I mentioned the bike to work scheme. They said if I wanted to use the scheme they would need to add £150 to the bike's RRP! So instead of being £1600 they wanted £1750! As you can imagine, the conversion ended shortly after that.
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    Which shop was that?
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    Just got my c2w voucher through this morning, which I have to use at Halfords. I was planning to phone up and order a Scott Aspect 45 for £399, but thought I would wander into Halfords and see if they had any offers on.

    I picked up a GT Aggressor xc1 for £409.99! It was reduced from £549 to £449, but was the last one they had left so had been on display and had a tiny scratch on the brake leaver, so they knocked another £40 off... and then gave me the £50 of free accessories voucher (even though it says on it not vaild with c2w!)... I was well chuffed! :lol::D:lol:
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    That's a bargain!! :o
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    And I used my £50 voucher to buy a load of cleaning/maintainance stuff (oil etc) which was all on buy 2 get one free...... :P
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    Hope my work hurry and get their fingers out of their asses and sort out this scheme. I really fancy getting a decent commuter bike sorted. For some reason they are dragging their heels - tossers!!!! Looks like it really is a good deal if you get to the right shop.
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    Chaka Ping wrote:
    Which shop was that?

    All Terrain Cycles if I remember correctly.
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    Tredzs in cardiff would not give me any thing off with my voucher, thats where i got my trance 3 from £999.99. they told me they have to pay the voucher company 10% of the bill. so any offers on the net they had was just cash only offers.
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