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Specialized p2 cro-mo (2008) ?

FrameControlFrameControl Posts: 4
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Do the forks ever "top out" when you jump a Specialized P2 Cro-mo (2008)? My current bike (a 5.5 year old Scott YZ3) is great for riding on the road (& off road), but whenever I do a jump the forks have a habit of doing what I think is called "top out". This is where they jerk down, sending a shock wave through the handle bars, up my arms to my shoulders. I hate this and I'm worried about getting a whip-lash type effect on my neck due to this.

I'm 6-foot tall (if that's relevant!), and I fancy getting a bike to ride street, skateparks, jumps etc, and I am considering a Specialized P2 Cro-mo, so I just wanted to be sure that I won't have the same problem with the forks on this bike. Can anyone comment on this?

Another question: What is the P2 Cro-mo like for general riding? For example, I might want to ride it to a skatepark that is about 3 or 4 miles away from where I live.



  • MrKawamuraMrKawamura Posts: 192
    I don't know the Marzocchi DJ3 fork from personal experience - did you try asking about it in the dirt jump forum? I imagine it's fit for purpose and wouldn't top out on normal jumps, unless you scew it up. I maxed out my 140mm travel once when I misjudged a drop and slammed into the side of a ditch.

    If you want a dirt jump/skate park bike, it's never going to be great for riding long distances on the road. As you know, that's not what it is for, but you'll still be able to go a few miles on it - it won't be a blistering ride, so just spend the time thinking about how the bike will come to life once you hit the jumps. When riding to the trails/jumps I like to get some air off speed bumps.

  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    That is not top out. Top out is where the forks compress and then rebound, hitting the top of the travel with a "clunk". This happens on forks with poor or no damping. The issue with your forks is still to do with damping though. No idea on how much bettwe the fork on the Spesh would be with this.
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