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Shimano MTB Shoes - Sizing Enquiry

JoeW1968JoeW1968 Posts: 16
edited June 2008 in MTB general
I am currently thinking of buying my first pair of Shimano MTB shoes.

I have looked at the sizing conversion chart on the Shimano website.

My query is - in general how do other riders feel Shimano shoes compare in sizes with "ordinary shoes"?

For example, have you found you need to buy a Shimano shoe that is slightly bigger or smaller in size than your normal ordinary footwear?

Thanks in advance for any responses.


  • no-matesno-mates Posts: 31
    I'd to go one size bigger with mine!
  • xcracerxcracer Posts: 298
    I have two pairs of Shimano shoes. One pair are very narrow and I had to go a size up on those. On the others I got a size up but could probably do with my normal size. The sizes seem to vary. Go to a shop and try some on if possible.
  • my Shimano shoes are a little tight to get into when they are not buckled up but as soon as you tighten them up they are lovely!
    But they are a size bigger than my normal shoes! (45 instead of 44!)

    best bet is to try some on in a local shop if you can! gives yo a good idea as to sizing for you! (advice i got from here when i enquired!!)
    After all, I am Cornish!
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  • hairy_boyhairy_boy Posts: 345
    A size up from 'normal' for me for my recently purchased MT41 shimano's. I am a size 8 (42) but need a 43 in shimano's.
  • same again, I needed one up from normal.
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
    i thik i am meant to be a 44, I went for 45, but they were too tight, no 46's in stock, but ended up with 47's and they are fine.

    I would go 2 sizes up personally, and make sure that if you are buying online, you can send em back for an exchange - postage back ain't cheap though.

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  • timeless1timeless1 Posts: 28
    When I got mine I went one size up after a couple of rides they are nice and comfy now
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