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john74john74 Posts: 254
i apolygise in advance if this has been posted a 1000 times already. but i do an hour off road every other day on quite demanding terrain. i gave up the fags 3 months ago and eat fairly healthy. so that will give you some idea of my fitness or lack off any way i want to do some mtb marathons 50 and 75k but i dont really know what sort of training and how often i need to do it also im finding it hard to pace myself when i go to my local trails i just blat full speed ahead now i know on a marathon i would blow up after an hour or so. if anyone has any info or ideas to improve the way i ride .
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  • jmeadowsjmeadows Posts: 335
    maybe get a computer & or hrm, i think these are great for improving and recording your existing level and future progress
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