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Full cable housing for the new snata cruz bullit

nuddernudder Posts: 4
edited June 2008 in MTB workshop & tech

I have an 07/08 santa cruz bullit, and have been riding it around 8 months now. All is well apart from the gear cable housing. I am having issues; I have tried both continuous cable housing and the standard way leaving exposed cable.

I ride near sheffield in the peak which is mostly rainy which means lots of sand and stuff gets into the cable. after about 1 good long ride i tend to lose either the top or bottom gear.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Options as I see them are nokon cable, braided, get a better rear mech (stronger spring; though I have a new LX on there at present) etc.
I got the bullit as it never needs any maintenance and yet i am being hampered by the gear cable1

many thanks...


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    You could clean after every ride or fit some decently sealed cables, gore ride ons are good, as are flying snakes.
  • nuddernudder Posts: 4

    thanks for that. cleaning every time is not an option ;)
    I presume the gore and snakes cable are not continuous?
    If not do they still prevent dirt getting in?

  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    losing top and bottom gears sounds like poor set up.

    losing one end tends to be cable stretch. dirt tends to lose more than one gear in a row.
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