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Marin Rift zone

GroovemeisterGroovemeister Posts: 21
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I was wondering wether anyone had any experience of comparing the older marin rift zone (or any of the rest of the range) against the new one over a long period.

I have a 2004 version of the rift zone over the weekend I had a demo ride of the new version. Ride wise I couldn't tell much difference between old and new. Also I remember reading that some reviewers thought the older version was better for a number of reasons.

It is very hard to justify an update to something that other than looks gives little improvement :?

Bike in question


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    There have been changes to the geometry over the years. If I recall correctly it wasnt well received for 2006, but steadily got better.

    If you like what you have, no reason to change! I see you have the Skareb fork - what do you think to it? I have the Comp version - seems a liitle reluctant to get going, but smooth and linear once it does.
  • The fork was a bit of nightmare to start with and I did think about changing it. I sent it to TF tuned and it is a different animal now.

    I have a mz marathon race on my other bike and the skareb is as good as that now very compliant on small bumps and big hits. The only problem I have had recently is it bottoms out because It is loosing air (drops to 100 psi) needs another service I guess. I run mine with 120 psi and leave the lockout on the lowest setting.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    older? Pah. Older my censored , you've got a complimicated pivot going on there.
    The proper older ones were single pivot, lad.
  • older? Pah. Older my censored , you've got a complimicated pivot going on there.
    The proper older ones were single pivot, lad.

    Well looking at your bike I guess your right. Nicely updated I must say, you obviously love the ride and have never felt the need to change.

    I don't want to change either but just was exploring what could be the benefits were and I don't think there are any.

    Still nice to be called a lad these days carry on. :lol:
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    alright lad!

    Thing is, there's nothing at all wrong with my frame. So why would I change it?
    I'm saving up though - sort of half for a trip to Whistler, and half for a Marin Quake, with the intention being that if I get the quake for stupid things, I could make the wolfridge a fairly lighweight all-day trail rig.
  • Sounds like you've got a plan.

    I have already done that with my hardtail bike. I will try and get a new picture at some point. Basically a max light frame from 2001 that I have updated.

    Can't see why I would want to change it as light as anything out there and it's the perfect riding position for me. :D
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