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Post-event recovery

homercleshomercles Posts: 499
Hi All

Just wanted some thoughts on how people normally feel in the days following longer than usual rides. I did my first sportive at the weekend, a 70 miler (about 20-30 longer than I usually do), and have been feeling very rundown all week, not so much in the legs (though a bit heavier than normal, perhaps) but mentally and in terms of cardio.

Still did my usual commute (9 miles each way) on Monday, then in on Tuesday, but not out (went drinking, rather than a recovery plan!). So had Weds AM off too, but then cycling home last night/ this morning, I still feel really drained. Sleeping very heavily this week too.

Is this just a normal recovery from a long ride beyond my usual? Is it just a case of of maybe having the weekend off the bike? Everything else about the week (food intake, general health, etc) is essentially normal.



  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    After riding the Chiltern 100 the other weekend (plus 50 mile club run the day before), I was very heavy in the legs for 3-4 days - didn't bother with my normal Tuesday evening 1hr crit race and just did recovery rides instead. Very hungry all day on the Monday and tried to get as much sleep as I could, although I never seem to get as much as I'd like. Raced again on the Friday and felt ok by then.

    It is quite normal to be pretty tired for 2-3 days and hungry for 1-2 days after a big ride.
  • homercleshomercles Posts: 499
    Cheers Bronzie - that seems to reflect my experience this week, though I'm a lot less hardcore!

    My commute home last night actually ended up being a really good one, and again this morning (both quickest times yet), so it would appear that 4 days to shake off the effects is just the way it has worked out. Looking forward to getting out on Sunday now...
  • The less you train, the more the long hard days out will impact you and may take several days to recover from.
  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    I felt like that last week too. That was with a bit of mountain biking on the Saturday and a medium road ride on the Sunday. Very possible you were just having an off week, that's what I'm putting mine down to as I did far more this weekend and feel far better today than last week.
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