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Clicking noise from bottom bracket area

James_FJames_F Posts: 137
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Every time I turn the pedals, I get an annoying clicking noise from the bottom bracket/crank area. It only happens when under pressure - if I lift the back wheel and turn the pedals with my hands it is fine. I suspect the bottom bracket may just need cleaned and greased? I don't have tools at home for removal so can't do it myself. The bike's only been ridden 10-15 times


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Could be one of a dozen things! Park Tools has a specific guide on diagnosing and fixing noises.
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    are you sure it's the bb and not just a loose pedal.

    my scott road bike (commute bike) was doing this i thought bb was knackard or in need of some grease but it was the pedal it needed to tightened up.
  • James_FJames_F Posts: 137
    Pedals are on as tight as I can get them and I had the same problem when trying another set of pedals.

    How do I go about getting the crank arms off? I have a hex key or whatever you call it which fits but it seems to require inhuman amounts of strength to undo it and I'm not sure I could put it back on tight enough.
  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601
    For what it's worth - all noises seem to come from the pedals and bottom bracket(IMO).
    Unless you have been really abusive and had the bike in some really foul conditons
    I don't think your botom bracket is in need of greasing or repair after only 10 - 15
    rides. Although it is possible. Supersonic is right "could be one of a dozen things" or
    more. Squeaks and clicks on bikes are all part of the game and can come from just about
    anywhere two pieces of material are held together. I'm not familiar with the Park Tool
    guide for fixing noises that super.. suggested but you should give it a try. Best of luck.
    Sometime these things can be baffling and downright infuriating.

    Dennis Noward
  • benjdrbenjdr Posts: 58
    What pedals do you have?

    I have this problem with my DMR V8s and it is definitely the pedals. I've only done about 100 miles on them. Not impressed at all.

    I had the same problem as you, being that the noise disappeared with no weight on the bike.
    I managed to replicate the noise by grabbing the pedal and pulling it up and towards the centre of the bike hard, then pushing down and out.

    I am sure it is the pedals as i can feel the vibration coming from them, and there is no vibration coming from the crank arms or further in.

    I'd try swapping the pedals with another pair to rule them out if you are not sure.
  • boyfridayboyfriday Posts: 103
    It's not a Cannondale bike is it?

    Certain Prophet, Rush and Scalpel models have a defect in the swingarm that can make the dreaded ticking/creaking noise.

    It's really frustrating as you try everything else first e.g. pedals, bb, seatpost, headset, and then it turns out that it's the actual frame creating problems.
  • James_FJames_F Posts: 137
    The pedals are Wellgo V8 'copies' - basically the same as the DMR ones. However, a bit of lubricant between the crank arms and bottom bracket seems to have sorted it. I tried a different pair of pedals and it didn't go away. I also could feel a slight vibration through the pedals so thought it was them but it doesn't appear to be but I packed them with grease through the end cap just to make sure.
  • petercardpetercard Posts: 1
    Had the same/similar. solved my problem by stripping B bracket, re lube and re torqued. Apparentley they have to be done every 100 miles or so. Poss ible your's was not checked at PDI.
  • andy83andy83 Posts: 1,558
    can i ask how heavy you are??

    i am 16stone and have had exactly the same problem and have the v8 copies

    these are known to just the bearings to just go, mine have and the clicking and creaking is really annoying now. took the lbs and bb is fine as is new and all greased up by them. he felt the bearings in the pedal and said they are gone, you say you have packed everything with grease, what grease have you used?

    what were the other pedals you tried as i tired some other really cheap pair but still had creaking but not as bad, my pedals are now clicking like mad

    where exactly did you put the grease aswell
  • andy83andy83 Posts: 1,558
    100 miles for redoing bb seems a short distance

    forgot to say i have had bbs go before and there is wobble and movement etc, this creaking/clicking dont effect my ride just VERY annoying
  • James_FJames_F Posts: 137
    I weigh less than 10 stone and used Weldtite teflon grease. I prised off the end cap with a knife and filled it with grease, then put it back on, spinned the pedals and repeated a couple of times. The other pedals I tried were the cheap plastic things that came with the bike.

    There is no movement or anything, so maybe it's not the BB, but I may take it to the bike shop for a check up.
  • Its not the pedals or the seat. It must be the bottom bracket because I have tried 4 different pedals and seats. I am going to replace the BB soon and see if it fixes the problem because other places I have read say that defective BBs do occur and this is a common problem. BTW my problem is two clicks every turn and only happens when I push my right foot and is starting on my left foot. no matter the gear or terrain. If anyone has fixed this problem please tell me.
  • andy83andy83 Posts: 1,558
    mine stopped clicking with a good old re grease and tighten, now everything is sorted
  • sc999cssc999cs Posts: 596
    Just tracked down a creak on my full sus MTB. The rear air shock was creaking every time it was put under load over and above the normal sag. The cure was to use a spray lube on the pivot points.

    It really sounded like the bottom bracket as the shock braze-ons are very near the bottom bracket, and the creak only seemed to occur under load, when pedalling hard, at the same point on each pedal rotation (probably had a good rhythm going). Luckily I managed to reproduce the creak while off the bike in my garage.

    Recommend as said earlier, check every contact surface in turn until you get to the source.

    Steve C
    Steve C
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