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Camping near Coed y Brenin

Andy31Andy31 Posts: 17
edited July 2008 in MTB general
Can anyone recommed a good site?

Forund Cae Gwyn Farm through Google, say you can get straight on the MBR from the campsite?

Planning on heading down the end of next week for a few nights :D


  • gavinjwgavinjw Posts: 52
    Cae Gwyn Farm

    It's about .5 mile from the trail centre. We camped there last bank holiday and it was great. Cracking views, cracking facilites all for only 7 quid a night
  • Andy31Andy31 Posts: 17
    Looks like it the winner then. :D

    Whats the secure storage for bike like?
  • gavinjwgavinjw Posts: 52
    I didn't use the storage facilites as we had a nice white van in which to store our lovely bikes!

    However, judging by the rest of the facilities and given it's customer base being predominantly MTBers I would have thought it'd be pretty good. Make sure you book though, it's a pretty popular site and was full the weekend we were there (this didn't mean it was jam packed by the way and a lot of camp sites I've stayed would have opted to squeeze everyone in like sardines).

    Hope you enjoy it Andy, let me know what you think
  • Andy31Andy31 Posts: 17
    Thanks Gavin

    White vans are the saviours!

    Going Thursday - Saturday so hoping its not to busy, and CYB is quiet as its my GF's 1st outing there!
  • gavinjwgavinjw Posts: 52
    This particular white managed to house 7 bikes so it was definitely a saviour!

    It was quite busy when we there, but then it was a sunny bank holiday weekend so i'd have been surprised if it hadn't have been busy. I'd expect it won't be too bad on the Thursday/Friday but expect a few weekend warriors on the Saturday. By then your GF should have found her feet and be flying round anyway.
  • Andy31Andy31 Posts: 17
    She's not too slow round the red and Black a Llandegla :D

    Probally be leavign on the Saturday morning so we'll miss the weekend traffic!
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    Yeh the farm rocks, and with the new trail centers its less than 5 minutes drive up the road which is awsome!
  • ChobberChobber Posts: 38
    Would just advise anybody planning to stay at Cae Gwyn Farm to note their policy of payment in advance and rather unforgiving cancellation terms (all detailed on the website so at least they're upfront). This rather limits a "free spirit" approach to a camping/cycling trip. It caused me to come unstuck as unforseen circumstances meant I had to re-arrange my itinery and write off £30 :cry:
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  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    We are going there in 2 weeks....fully read up on the cancellation part incase the car or i break down again :lol:
  • chrisgachrisga Posts: 587
    Hi everyone,

    We are planning a trip to coed-y-brenin and the Cae Gwyn Farm seems to be the only campsite in the area - are there any others. The problem we have is that we will all be leaving th emidalnds after work on Friday so may not be able to get there until 9ish or later. Does anyone know if this is too late for them? Has anyone else had any experiences of arriving late at Cae Gwyn Farm?

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