"Chapeau" to......

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........ ALL London commuters/cyclists!

I have just returned from a business trip to London and I can honestly say you guys have my total respect! :D

(My commute along cycle paths and on quiet roads fades to insignificant in comparison to the traffic you guys are dealing with!!) :shock: :shock:

Although I do still question the sanity/death-wish aspect of cycling around the city with no brakes on your bike?? (But that is for you guys to understand....... and for me to ponder over, at will).

But I just wanted to pass on my absolute awe and wonder at your ability, dedication and tenacity!! :D


  • el_presidente
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    chapeau to the guy on the old-school slicked up Kona who I had a titanic battle with round Regents Park at 6.30 this morning. the lead swapped several times but neither could drop the other. We had a good laugh about it at the final lights before going our seperate ways, cheered me up a treat.