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Fork Upgrade - £150 to spend

kevinharleykevinharley Posts: 554
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No doubt this has been asked ... and answered ... before, and whilst I've spent some time searching, haven't found the answer!

Sooo ... I have a Giant Terrago Disc ... with a Suntour front fork that is nice enough in the dry but locks as soon as the weather turns wet, and which I have over-adjusted the preload dial so that it now pops up out of the stanchion (and to my partner, if she's reading this ... it wasn't a deliberate sabotage attempt to get a new fork ... honest!)

In theory, I could get it mended, but I kinda think "what's the point", seeing as I was probably going to upgrade anyway!

So, I have around a £150 budget ... and have been recommended the Marzocchi MX pro dual air from Edinburgh at £149.99 (incl fitting). It doesn't have a lockout (which I'm not that bothered about, as I hardly ever used mine), is reasonably lightweight, and has gold-coloured stanchions (which I am reliably informed are 'better'!). I ride XC and trail and the (small) jumps in my local woods, so nothing too hardcore .. just needs to stand up to max of 1.5 - 2 foot drops on occasion.

Does the Marzocchi fit the bill ... or should I look at something else?

Cheers ...


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    The MX will be ok, also have a look at RS Tora's too
  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    i recently upgraded the fork on my 06 hardrock, from the stock rst gila to a 100mm tora 318.

    I got it from merlin cycles for about £87, then fitted it myself, not sure how much a shop would charge to fit it...i guess you could ask your local bike shops (ed bikes are quite expensive for most of their instore retail stuff, so try a few to get the best deal!)

    The difference is staggering! The Tora 318 comes with lockout which I use whilst getting to and from work, and has any easy to use preload adjust.

    The travel is SO MUCH smoother than the original fork, even without adding more feels like I now have more useable travel!

    So far in the lsat two weeks, I have done a pentlands blast (20miles), a galashiels/yair forest run (16 miles), plus both the red/black and black routes at innerleithen, including quarry step up jump, ladder drop and the drops on the cadon bank. The fork so far just keeps feeling better and better!

    I haven't tried the mx bomber, but it was also on my short list. The price on the 318 was so good though that I just did it!

    Hope you enjoy your new fork whichever you decide on!
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  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    Fitting would be around £10 in a shop. I would reccomend the Tora as well, in 302 or 318 guise if you can find one cheap.
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  • kevinharleykevinharley Posts: 554
    OK ... thanks for the tips so far!

    Just a couple of things to mull over and invite further comment:

    1.) The Marzocchi is just over 4lb in weight; the RS Tora just under / just over 5lb (depending on version). I know lightness isn't everything, but at the same price range, my inclination is to go for the lighter option!

    2.) The maz is air-sprung ... apart from the weight advantage, is there anything else about air shocks that is advantageous over a similarly priced coil fork?

    3.) The Maz doesn't have other features (eg lockout) ... so presumably that means the same money goes into making a better quality fork ... or am I wrong in making that assumption?

    Thoughts ...?
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