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Building a long travel hardtail from scratch! Advice please?

Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
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Ive been looking for a long travel hardtail for a while. Ive come across the Cove Stiffee FR frame (£579) and its exactly the type of bike im looking for. However I dont have a clue how much it will cost to build it up into a decent "hardcore hardtail". I thinking of some marzocci 55 forks. The rest of the spec doesnt have to be top of the range but im looking for components that ill be able to take a good thrashing. Anyone have any idea how much itll cost to build this frame up into a decent bike?


  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
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    You need to do this yourself, here's what you need. Pick your parts, price them up and add them up to a total.

    Chainset (and BB if not a HT2 type)
    Front mech
    Rear mech

    Look for bargains like the complete XT group on Merlin for £360 including brakes.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    and then add the cost of the tools or the cost of having the frame faced for the fitting of the bb and headset.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    in my experience, it is cheaper to buy a full bike in the first place but you will get alot of satisfaction from your own build and you wont have to make do with lower spec parts.
  • I'm presently contemplating a similar build - I've got my eyes on this: ... egoryID=11

    Don't know if it's quite what you're after but I've seen some good reviews and at this price it's a bargain.

  • I've been doing a hardtail build for the last 9 months!! Funds are a bit tight (poor student) so there's been a lot of hunting around for deals and selling stuff on ebay, but I'm finally finished!!

    The starting point was a Kinesis Maxlight frame followed by an LBS deal on a Marzocchi MX Pro fork and and just went on from then.

    There's nothing like the feeling of hitting the trails on a bike that you have built yourself
    My Build is almost complete - I just need some wheels and pedals!
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