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Shimano Gear Cables - Crappy Batch or Just censored ?

Papa SmurfPapa Smurf Posts: 776
edited May 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Always used the same Shimano XT gear cable set from ChainReaction and not had a problem before... Untill recently.
My front mech cable tore itself apart everytime i turned the handlebars untill eventually it was only a few threads. It seems strange that I virtually managed to snap it by steering of all things.
Now my rear mech cable has gone to sh!t, 1 of the threads has snapped and got sucked up into the sleeving at the front, making gear changes abit of a censored to say the least..

These cables are no more than 3 months old, brought brand new and all that.

I don't know whether to accept it or give Shimano what for!

What do you think? Any Advice?


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