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How much advantage do you get with a full suss?

ChobberChobber Posts: 38
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Appreciate the HT v FS argument has been had many times but wanted to try and quantify the difference. Here's the story.....

Riding in the Peak District today where, as many of you will know, the climbs are often punishing boulder fields. I was riding my Trek HT and started up one climb behind a couple both riding Stumpy FSRs. Although she didn't appear to be struggling in the least (I was sweating buckets!) I could not keep up as they gradually pulled away from me and eventually disappeared into the distance.

I'm hoping that the their FS bikes were giving a significant advantage and I'm not just a loser. Whereas their rear wheels tracked the boulders, clearly mine didn't. I was constantly hunting the right line but, altough my front wheel tracked over the rocks, my rear wheel simply ricocheted off them (or slid off, it was wet in places) forcing me to work hard to keep my balance and momentum trying not to dab.

Can a full suss give this much advantage on climbs (assuming similar weights)? Or am I making excuses for my inadequacy? Discuss........

Your despondent correspondent!

PS Perhaps its time to invest in my dream Yeti 575 FS
Trek hardtail
My new Beastie, a custom build Yeti 575
And Chris Boardman Road Bike when I feel the need for speed instead of mud


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