Bottom Bracket Size?

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I have tried to work out what size of bottom bracket I have on my bike. It is a 2002 Compact Giant TCR3, Medium frame size, with Campagnolo Veloce Triple, crank is 170mm, but I cannot find the size of the bracket as I want to get a new one. anyone out there who can help?

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  • andyp
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    What do you mean by size? It'll be a English threaded bottom bracket and I'd hazard a guess that for a Campag Triple you'll need a 115 mm axle as I think that's the Campag standard.
  • Monty Dog
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    I agree with Andy - 115mm axle length and English threaded - try this: ... 5c858fb596
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • JimK
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    Been in touch with Giant and they quote the following:

    AXEC 68-115.5, I understand the 115.5, but any guesses for the other bits? Now I really do need a bracket, my wife of the light touch felt the bearings when we had it up on the stand and she turned the pedal.

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    68 is the shell width, in mm, of your frame. All roadies are 68mm, only some wide mtbs are bigger.

    115 is the axle width, as you say

    English threads mean the driveside and non-driveside are left and right-hand threads respectively.

    Parkers/Ribble/etc. will all have one.
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