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Use a TomTom to track rides

impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
edited May 2008 in MTB general

For the last few rides I've been using my TomTom One and The TomTom Event Logger to create traces of my rides.
It works a treat! OK, so it's not the same as having a Garmin on the bars, but if you don't need a GPS to show you where to go but only want to know your exact route and you already got a TomTom, then this is the way to go (IMHO :wink: )
I just set the battery saver to switch the screen off and bung it in the backpack and when I get home from a ride bung it on the PC and voila, you can see your exact route/elevation/slope%/ascent/descent in google maps!!!

It's a bit fiddly to set up at first, but once you've sorted it there's nothing to it.

Have fun.
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