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brake pad help for tektro auriga comp disc

extr3meextr3me Posts: 4
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Hello there,

I have had my GT Avalanche 1.0 2007 for just over a year now and I have been pretty damn impressed with the bike. Nothing has broken yet and I have covered lots of miles on it so far.

Recently though, I have been having some considerable problems with stopping the bike! The rear brake just doesn't really want to slow me down and really struggles on the downhill sections. In fact, with the brake lever jammed on the rear wheel won't lock up even on the worst trail sections!

It is still on standard disc and pads for the 160mm Tektro Auriga Comp system. The rear brake lever still feels firm under pressure and there is plenty of wear left in the pads. I have had the pads out and given them a quick brush to remove the mud and even gone as far as swapping them for the front pads as the front brake is excellent.

I was wanting to upgrade the pads in the rear for a better pair but it seems difficult to find anything other than the standard pads to fit this system. Is there anybody out there who might know where to find upgrade pads for this system???


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    sounds like the pads/rotor are contaminated.
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  • extr3meextr3me Posts: 4
    So, will need to clean the rotor with some meths then? OUt of curiousity, do you think Shimano spray de-greaser would be suitable??

    Will still need to obtain replacement pads, and although the standard Tektro ones are available (in some places), I would still like to upgrade to better quality compounds.

    I was looking around, and the Shimano Deore replacement pads look very similar in shape. Would need to check to see if the pads are the same dimensions etc..

    Has anyone else had any luck in finding upgrade pads for this braking system???
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    i think ebc do a pad for them, click on this linkthen on page 3 you will find cfa327 which looks the same

    i like the gold version of the pads as they last forever and are super powerful.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    superstar componants do pads too, the version you want is the s2. i use a set on my formulas and on my old style xt brakes and think they are awesome. the website seems to be playing up at the mo but a single set is summat like 6 quid and you can get 4 sets for 20 quid, inc free postage, how good is that!! you can even mix and match if like me you have more than one brake type.
  • extr3meextr3me Posts: 4
    Thanks for all the help guys, I appreciate the feedback. :)

    I took the pads out of my calipers and popped round to my local bike shop to compare them with Shimano Deore replacement pads. Turns out that they are exactly the same shape and size, and even include the return spring!

    So for future reference, the shimano BR-M495 pads fit the Tekto Auriga Comp hydraulic discs OK. I see that GT are still using the same braking system on this years GT Avalanche 1.0, so this may be useful to somebody else out there!

    Just gonna order off for some upgrade pads and hopefully I will be stopping in no time.

  • mikezer0mikezer0 Posts: 122

    I just got some s2 pads off Superstar Components and I'm trying to fit them to my Gt Avalanche 1.0 D with Tektro Auriga Comp brakes. I've got the old pads and springs out, but the new pads seem to be too thick. I can get them in the calliper, but there is no way enough room for the rotor to fit in.

    I've tried pushing the pistons back, taking the cover off the oil res. to allow them to move, but still no joy!

    Any ideas? I really want to be out over the weekend!

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