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Pump for shocks - Marchocchi MX Pro Lockout

Megatron-UKMegatron-UK Posts: 91
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I've found that I'm too fat for the suspension my newly delivered bike :shock:
Both the front and rear sag by over 2" which I believe is too much.

...So I need to increase the air pressure in both the rear Fox RP2 shock and the front MX Pro Lockout (120). However I'm a little confused by the description in the Marzocchi manual about adjusting the air preload....

The figure given for the four main wieght categories of rider is 0-15psi. I was wondering if that is a constant, or if that is just the range in which it can be adjusted; with closer to the 15psi for fatties (~15 stone) like me?

On the plus side, oh my god these shocks are good! They make my 9 year old elastomer powered RST 461's look like a pair of really heavy solid forks. God bless the progress of technology!

Do I need a pump that is capable of high and low pressure, and is there a particular connector needed for the Fox shock?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    fork low pressure guage shock high pressure guage. or try reading 7 psi on a high presure dial!

    the pumps are the same.

    if you can not get the sag with the air preload upto 15psi then you need a stronger spring.
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  • Megatron-UKMegatron-UK Posts: 91

    I guess trying to read single figure pressures on a gauge that reads several hundred psi may be a problem!
    Kona Dawg Deluxe ('07)
    Kona Lava Dome ('95)

    Losing weight and (slowly) getting fitter...
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