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help with my bike

beastinlabeastinla Posts: 304
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ok so we went to newport on monday for the day.

on sunday i striped my bike down and greased the head set berrings changed the pedals oiled the chain (the works)

we went to newport and my bike was running so smoth berings were sweet everthing was just right

i went to ride my bike tonight and the head set was a bit lose so i tightend that up and road it along the road and it was just censored the berrings were creaking ect

and my forks now fell really bad they going down in steps ie go down a bit stop down a bit more and arnt smoth just vile my bike feels so bad.

so i need a new star nut (nothing to fix)
ill get some berrings from work (still easy to fix)

but my main question is what is wrong with my forks they have not long been striped down new oil ect by chain reaction cycles

they are dirt jam comp forks

i no people will be like there rubbish get new forks ect

but im saving up for some but i still want some to ride intill i get them

any ideas what is wrong

how do i take them apart to check inside?

cheers for any help


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Why do you need a new star nut?

    Sounds like just new bearings, fresh grease and precise adjustment is needed.

    Marzocchi have guides on their site (or at least did). Sounds like the fork too needs a service - and this one is pretty easy to pull apart and regrease.
  • beastinlabeastinla Posts: 304
    because my old star nut just pulled to the top of the forks with is why my headset came lose

    how do i get inside of the forks because i cant seam to unscrew the plastic bit on top

    how do i take them apart

    cheers ricky
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    You have to be careful taking the top caps off - find the appropriate sized socket.

    Taking them aprt involves removing the bolts at the bottom of the fork.

    I'll try and find you a guide.
  • beastinlabeastinla Posts: 304
    ok dude cheers that would be grate
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