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Deore disc onto Manitou Axel Diva fork...spacer issues...

Iain CIain C Posts: 464
edited May 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Right then, I'm putting some Avid Juicy Carbons onto my 2007 Fuel EX7 and I'm going to give my other half the 160mm Deore discs and brakes I am taking off it, to go onto her 2003 Rockhopper comp. By the looks of things the back end of her bike is IS, and the fork post mount.

To check it would all fit, I took the front caliper off my RokShox Recons (leaving the IS adaptor on the Recons) and put it on her Axel fork. The bolts (fore and aft) lined up perfectly with the post mount holes, and the pads seem to be in the right position transversley across the bike.

The only issue is that when I tried to put my disc wheel in, it won't fit. Basically, the caliper is too close to the fork, and in effect the caliper needs to move back, away from the fork a bit. I've looked for an adaptor/spacer and can't find one anywhere, however I have been told by an LBS that if I just get longer bolts, and pack the gap with washers, this will do the job fine and is not really considered to be a bodge.

The adaptors that are available all seem to convert from IS to post mount, but there does not seem to be anything available just to keep it all post mount but just space it out a bit.

As it's a) brakes and b) my better half, can anyone confirm if long bolts/washers are OK (presumably correctly torqued and threadlocked) or if a spacer is available.

Many thanks,



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