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Wyre Forest - LOST DOG Now FOUND.

mountymounty Posts: 682
edited June 2008 in The Crudcatcher
If anyone is riding out in the wyre forest over the next couple of days or so..........

If you see a grey, greyhound dog roaming around on its on could you please call 01299 269137 or 07732349329.

My next door neigbour was out walking it last night, something spooked it and it ran off, never came back.

It has a collar and tag with info etc



  • sc999cssc999cs Posts: 596
    Did the dog ever turn up?
    Steve C
  • mountymounty Posts: 682
    Sorry yes she is safe and well, forgot to put up the news on this forum.

    She was found in the wyre forest, someone was walking the yellow route and found it lying in some bushes.

    Lola is ok, paws are sore and she has lost some weight, but at least she is home safe and well !

  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    Gotta be carefull with greyhounds, they are a sight dog, and once out of site can have trouble finding their way back. I saw a poster while on holiday in Northumberland last year where a greyhound had run off on the beach and the family were unable to find it and had to go home without the poor dog. I do hope they found it or if not that someone took it in..
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