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Geometry a Dirty word, or the key to a good ride?

CastellodCastellod Posts: 40
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I have a Specialized Enduro SL Carbon, have one for Specialized as I had a P2 before and liked the feel ride etc.
But one does not compare to the other in any way.
I must say that it took me months and an article in a magazine to realise that I was doing something terribly wrong... the ride until yesterday felt hard, and not well controlled, and I noticed that I had gone from being confident if not slightly mad with the P2 to shy and scared with the Enduro.
I am sure that I still have a lot to learn, but want to shorten this process and enjoy the ride more and be more daring.
As i said Yesterday a few changes with the shock pressure and some play with the rebound and seat and all of a sudden i feel a lot more in control, but I am not sure that I am 100% comfortable, I think that there is something missing, and i wonder if i am sitting to far back ?
Sometimes all it takes is an article or a person to tell you what to look for, and sometimes maybe i should listen more, but when time is short all you want is to ride, and you forget that if you do not get the set up right all your rides will be poor and forced.

If there is anyone out there wit ideas, suggestions, experiences, please share them with me and help me get back to my bold riding.
One last thing, what is the "best" position on jumps (back straight and bike centre, with arms almost straight) ??????


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