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Bike rack buying advice needed...

fergusmfergusm Posts: 7
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I have a new shape BMW 3 series coupe and want to take the bikes away with me.. My preference is for a boot mounted rack.

The boot mounted racks from Thule don't fit my car and the only decent looking piece of kit I can find that does is: which is available from Evans.

Has anyone used this? Or should I be looking at a roof mounted system? I don't want to fit a towbar btw...



  • I have a BMW 320 (saloon) and a Saris Bones rack. The rack is good as it is very adaptable so it should fit ok. I have the 3 bike option but never take 3 bikes because of the sway and drag the weight causes. With 2 bikes, this is reduced but you still notice it. With one bike on I am perfectly happy travelling up the motorway at speed as there is less drag and sway.

    However, the biggest issue I have with bike racks of this style (boot mounted) is the damage they do to your car! They leave marks and wreck your bumper! Yeah, use pads etc but to be honest, why risk it on an expensive car?! I personally would like to buy a pick up or something just for transporting my bike, not sure I can justify this though! At least the bones comes off and on the car easily enough so it's a good non permanent fixture - just be careful of the damage!
  • forgotrafeforgotrafe Posts: 637
    My brother has a new 3 series BMW estate with towball and thule towball mounted 3-bike carrier. It's the most impressive way of carrying bikes I've seen (except maybe the Delta Hitch Pro in the back of my old Land Rover pickup).

    Don't know if it's the same on the coupe but when not in use the towball tucks away on my brothers car - very neat. Do know it wasn't a cheap towball though - but hey, if you can afford a new BMW in the first place... ;)

  • fergusmfergusm Posts: 7
    yeah I am worried about damage to the car so was thinking of a roof mounted system...

    interesting to hear opinions on this. Is the Thule system the best?
  • forgotrafeforgotrafe Posts: 637
    The reason my brother went for the tow bar system...

    The year before he got his car, he borrowed our Dad's pristine Saab 95 estate and stuck a roof mount system on it.

    Some scumbag tried stealing the bikes off the roof, messed up and trashed the entire side of the car. Obviously, you'd take more care but there is still a risk.

    If you're worried about damage to the car then the thule towbar mount is perfect as the bikes go nowhere near it.

  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    fergusm wrote:
    yeah I am worried about damage to the car so was thinking of a roof mounted system...

    interesting to hear opinions on this. Is the Thule system the best?

    The Thule 591 is great bit of kit for roof mounted method keeping the bike secure and stable with little time needed to mount the bike. You will still need a roof rack to mount the rack to.
  • Oh yeah I forgot something - as the bones isn't secured to your car, it's easy for some scummer to come along and whip it off along with your bike! I have to lock flex to the rack and shut it in the boot to secure it to the car - it's ok but not ideal. A towbar mounted job does seem the best option - easier than the roof for getting bikes on and off i'd imagine.
  • edzioedzio Posts: 50
    Anyone mind if I latch on to this topic?

    I have a Renault Clio (1995) and me and the missus want to take our bikes away with us, do you think that a roof rack and appropriate kit will be better than a rear door mount? Would like a tow bar but they are so expensive!!
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