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Stumpjumper vs Epic

NotnormalNotnormal Posts: 132
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Sorry for yet another what bike thread but here goes anyway. I will be attending my LBS to test ride both but will probably only manage a short around town ride on each so want to canvas opinion here as well.

My riding will be fairly varied I'll be trying to get out on local trails as and when I can but will also be planning a few trips (Wales & Scotland) away to specifically ride some trails. I'm also hoping to do the odd bike propelled camping trip carrying my kit with me. I'm not a DH monster but do like to push it when I can. I'm also open to the idea of having a go at some amateur racing. Don't want much eh? I've almost narrowed my search to either the Specialized Epic (better climbing / racing but perhaps less forgiving of my censored technique DH and maybe not comfortable enough for long rides) or the FSR Stumpjumper (better all rounder, more comfortable but do I really need the extra travel and weight?). Both would be the entry level models at around £1600. Any advice will be greatfully recieved particularly from those who've ridden both.


  • omegasomegas Posts: 970
    Both the Stumpy and Epic are excellent bikes for what they are designed for but not the ideal bike to fit a set of panniers and go camping on.
    I don’t know of a bike out there that fits all the categories you want, maybe look at 2 bikes , a full sus for the trails and sports touring bike.
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    The Epic is a race bike and the Stumpy is a trail bike.
    Sounds like you need a trail bike with steep geometry may be a starting point
    with a lock out fork for your racing

    They have reviewed the new Stumpy on the home page on here, but does not
    look promising. But each to there own.

    Best thing is try has many bikes as you can and also look at last years models
    for some bargains.
  • NotnormalNotnormal Posts: 132
    Cheers for the replies, the camping part would be a rucksack and no more, no way I'd have panniers on my bike!!
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