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Which bike for a tall fat man?

triopolistriopolis Posts: 7
edited April 2008 in MTB buying advice
Looking for advise or other peoples expierances with these bikes Giant Trance 3 07, Reign 3 05 and kona dawg deluxe 07.
To put you in the picture i dont intend to stay fat, its the old stopped smoking excuse! I've been riding a Teocali (large) for the last 2 years and had 2 new frames due to cracking which is probably due to me having the seat at max. extention (im 6'2" and 105Kg) or thats the conclusion we come to. Dont think ill get another frame on warranty so im looking to get something different.
The type of riding i do would warrant a 4" travel bike but these tend to be light weight xc bikes and perhaps not suitable for my sort of size. The 3 bikes ive listed above i have found below £999 not too concerned about spec - ive got some nice stuff on the mongoose i could swop over and weight isnt too much of an issue ( im hoping to loose the weight of the bike

Would apprieciate any advice on these models or other suggestions


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