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Yak attack????

DannykonaDannykona Posts: 10
edited April 2008 in XC and Enduro
I dunno where to post this but i think this is most approprite. I have been interested in the (around a week long enduros) for some tym and have seen the 'yak attack' however it looks realy hard and seein as im only 14 n have a kona shred (it would also be my first enduro) i want somthing that me and some m8s can go to in a diffrent country(somwhere hot and desterty like??) and have a laugh with a lot of riding just somthing thats quite easy(still with around 20 miles a day though) but about 6-10 days long. Any idea's or suggestions would b great fanx.

Chesterfield, UK
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