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Recover time for badly bruised Clavicle (collarbone) ?

bombdogsbombdogs Posts: 107
Was doing a few laps of a hill circuit near my house and was on my way back home, on the flat, not going very fast, just taking it easy, when the front wheel just slipped away from me on a patch of diesel and all my 13st of being landed right on my left shoulder.

Managed to make it home OK, but my should was killing so went the A&E ward. Fearing the worst, I was glad to find out that it was just heavy brusing and that I may have slightly pulled a few tendons or ligaments.

Got my arm in a sling and been told to rest for a while, but I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas how long it will be before I can get back on the bike and back to normal, as I have a race coming up in about four weeks.


P.S. I realise by now everyone is still sweating - don't worry, the bike was fine. My shoulder took most of the weight. What is it with us roadies? We have a bad crash and the first thing we worry about is our expensive bikes. Suppose it's because they don't heal themselves - something for the inventors, perhaps?


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Sorry to hear of your stack - easily done.

    I had nine weeks off the bike when I broke my collarbone last summer (but this was in part due to 2 weeks hols at the end of the 9 weeks) - the bruising was still coming out of my shoulder 8 weeks later. But I was able to swim (after a fashion) after 2 weeks and this helped recovery a lot.

    I should think you'll be able to ride the bike again within a couple of weeks, but there is nothing to stop you riding your turbo even if you cant go full effort on it, just turning your legs over is better than nothing in my opinion. I certainly regret not touching the pedals in 9 weeks 'cos I felt like a little old man on my first ride back.

    PS Yeah you are right - I had a little "coming together" with a friend on Saturday due to lack of communication - I turned left, he didn't (cos I thought he knew the way) and as he was kerbside, I floored him. He cut the top of his head open (shoulda been wearing his lid) and had blood p*ssing down his neck and mild concussion. "Is my bike alright" were his first (printable) words to me :roll:
  • bombdogsbombdogs Posts: 107
    Cheers for he advice, Bronzie.
    My shoulder is already starting to feel a lot better and I can move it more than I could yesterday.
    Had a look on my injury list (got it years ago out fo the match of the day magazine - it has all types of injuries, how bad and how long it takes to recover) and I can still train on a static bike, but will not be able to put my pressure on it for four weeks.
    Hopefully, I'll be able to recover quicker than that - at least that what my girlfriend thinks. She reckons I have got 'sub-human' genes because I hardly ever get ill and recover from injuries in a fraction of the time everyone else seems to do.
    Just gutted I can't get out on my bike during the evenings now they're brighter and warmer. Best time of year for training.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    bombdogs wrote:
    I hardly ever get ill and recover from injuries in a fraction of the time everyone else seems to do
    You don't live on an island by any chance? :wink:
  • bombdogsbombdogs Posts: 107
    Ha ha, no. Think my immune system is tough because I was so ill as a kid. I literally had everything growing up, so it's much tougher now I am older. My girlfriend hates it tho - she picks up the slightest things, while I am out and about in all weather on my bike and don't seem to pick anything up. Well, maybe the flu once a year, but that's it. Lucky me, I know!!!!
  • oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
    Its only a bruise :D Should be ok to ride on flat smoothish road ok, as long as your ligament damage is not too bad, your body will let you know. :D
    Bronzie broke his collar bone when he decided to turn sharply over a timing mat in the Dragon sportive if I remember rightly ? :D
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Bronzie broke his collar bone when he decided to turn sharply over a timing mat in the Dragon sportive if I remember rightly ? :D
    No I broke my collarbone at the Dragon because I didn't turn sharply enough when the censored in front of me fell off after going down a sunken manhole cover. Went straight over him and his bike. :x
  • bombdogsbombdogs Posts: 107
    Ouch. That sounds painful. This is my second crash. Got really bad road rash on my elbow (about three inches long by an inche wide), but that doesn't hurt at all - just a scratch.
    Completely wrecked my club jersey, though. It was my only one as well - at least until the new orders come though, but seems to be taking forever. Thinking of framing the ruined one, but falling off on the flat, doing about 9mph as you're just easing along back home doesn't sound impressive as darting 60mph down an alpine mountainside.
    Alternatively, I might just lie about it!!!
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Get it framed, hang it in the hall, and when anyone asks just tell them you were attacked by a vicious badger. That's sure to impress them. :P
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