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Thru axle???????

wheelbucklerwheelbuckler Posts: 134
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General interest question now.

I've been looking at the fork reviews in the current MBUK and they seem to have this thru axle business on them and being a bit of a technical newb I was wondering if someone could explain a few things to me.

I was wondering what the benefits over a standard QR are? I'm assuming strength may be one of them but are there any others?

Also if I were to replace my forks (which have a standard QR) to a fork with a thru axle what other items would I have to replace as a knock on effect from this, do I need specific wheels or hubs etc?

And finally, I'm assuming they do the thru axle for a rear wheel as well (do they?) so how would that work?

This is not a request regarding anything specific it was just a general wonderment after browsing through the article. Cheers


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    yes at least new hubs ( if your current ones are not convertable) yes there are T axles on the rear in a few different sizes. and again at least new hubs.

    yes they make a stiffer interface.
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