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Wheelset Advice - Fulcrum Red Metal

boyfridayboyfriday Posts: 103
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Hey guys,

I appreciate that there was a thread on this before, but it doesn't appear to have been answered really.

Currently in the market for a new wheelset to complete a full build, and given that funds are now running low, i'm going to have to opt for a budget wheelset until i can raise funds for something good.

Noticed Fulcrum Red Metal 5's are pretty cheap at £120 or the FSA XC300's at £180. Has anyone got any experience of either wheelset and could offer advice?

The bike is a Prophet SL, which i have upgraded with full XTR, Fox F120's and FSA carbon finishing kit. A set of £100 wheels are not ideal to complete the build, but will at least give me something to ride in the short term. Also, at 1770-1800g, they are sufficiently light to keep it as an xc bike.

One other point, the set of wheels i am looking for in the long run will be Stans ZTR Olympic on Hope Pro II's - does anyone have any experience of this wheelset?

Many thanks


  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    The FSA XC 300s are quite heavy given the price.Not seen any reviews on the Fulcrums but their road wheels are always well reviewed.

    Have you considered the tried and tested and similar weight Mavic Crossrides,or XT hubs with Mavic 717s from Merlin? Cheaper too........

    Not worth spending too much if you are only going to upgrade again.
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