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Shimano XTR Shadow rear mech

eddiejeddiej Posts: 3
edited April 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Anyone had a problems with the XTR Shadow rear mech??, i've had mine for about 4 weeks now and everytime it gets a bit of mud or dirt in or around it while riding the things flapps around (backwards & forwards), this only seems to happen in the middle ring (not the granny or top ring), the gears don't jump but they crunch the chain alot !!
have i set them up wrong or is there a way of adjusting them or is it faulty??
any help would be great!!
Thanks Eddie


  • neiltbneiltb Posts: 332
    sounds more like you have chain suck on the middle ring to me, when was the last time you checked that?

    if it was the mech, you'd expect it to happen all the time.
    FCN 12
  • eddiejeddiej Posts: 3
    It's a brand new chain as well, i thought it might have been the jog wheel but i can't see anything sticking, the chain looks fine
  • neiltbneiltb Posts: 332
    chain suck would affect the chain but probably caused by a filthy or worn chain ring, take a look at the middle ring.
    FCN 12
  • Jimbob_no5Jimbob_no5 Posts: 1,568

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  • inkp0tinkp0t Posts: 3
    I've had minor problems with mine. Well I say minor had problems on the downshift in the granny ring as you describe, which I put down to chain suck, downshifted the other day and the mech went into the spokes, fortunately the rear hanger went and saved the wheel. Mechs a bit of a mess but should still run. I can only put it down to not fiddeling enough after initial setup as all the components were brand new.
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