Which 26" wheel set?

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I'm torn between two ideas for winter/bad weather training.

First idea is get myself a third bike that takes m/guards and wider tyres - would probably spend around £500 to £600

Second idea that struck me was to make use of my MTB (Carrera Fury). Rather than faff around changing tyres, I thought I could get a second wheel set with slick tyres. Does that make sense to anyone, or am I mad?

First scenario, I want to go XC trail riding, I use the one wheelset with XC tyres.

Second scenario, I want to go for a spin on the roads but it's nasty weather and I don't want to get my 'best' bike out (Focus Cayo), so I put another wheelset on the Fury with slicker tyres.

I could spend some pretty good money on a second set of wheels for the MTB and still save money compared to buying a third bike.

I know the Fury is a little heavier than a road bike, but I don't race, I ride for fitness, and I just want to be able to keep putting in the miles even when its wet. And if I spent a little money, I'm guessing I could compensate some weight with some good light wheels.

Bearing all the above in mind, can people recommend a decent 26" wheelset and tyres for road riding? Budget perhaps £200 - £300 overall? Puncture protection is important to me.


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    Add some decent light tubes, and you'll have a very nice, light, strong wheelset.
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    Just add a close ratio "road" cassette and job done!
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