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Broken toe - how long off the bike?

PretrePretre Posts: 355
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Managed to kick a piece of wood in the hallway whilst barefoot last week - hurt like hell but it didn't feel TOO bad at first but my little toe turned black/purple by the end of the day & hurt quite a lot! :(
Went to A&E the next morning & they said it's probably broken but no real value to an x-ray as it wasn't dislocated & I could still move it. They said it would take a couple of weeks to heal.
I'm still finding it a bit painful to walk but just wondered what the consensus is on cycling? I tried a few minutes on the turbo trainer this afternoon & it felt fine - doesn't seem to be any pressure put on it by pedalling but I don't want to go for a ride & mess it up.


  • expatboreexpatbore Posts: 53
    Hi - bad luck. I'm similarly crook with a busted knee.
    My physio told me to take it gently - turbo only at first. But yours is a minor injury - doubt if cycling will put the recovery in jeopardy. Although it is a very different injury, walking is still painful for me but cycling (gently) is ok. My rule of thumb is - if it hurts stop immediately! You might also consult a sports physio for more advice. All the best Robin
  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262

    you'll not cause any lasting damage cycling with a bust toe, strap it to one of it's mates for some support and get on with it.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
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