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Hello again

Guy BrookeGuy Brooke Posts: 9,182
edited March 2008 in The Crudcatcher
Been a while since I logged in here. took a while to find the place now that it's not anymore. haven't spotted any names I recognise yet, but I'm sure Iwill.

Been out of the loop on bikes/biking for a while now, hence nothing on my bike being newer than '05 (not that anything needs changing anyway). Once I got my driving license I kinda stopped cycling everywhere, put on a stone (or two :oops: ) and stopped riding generally. I've always had a passion for motorsport and since I've been a car owner I've been a tinkerer too, having gone through 5 cars in the last 3 years (all projects/donors except one involved in an accident) and still having 2 now, with the intent to buy another this summer. Anyway I've decided to go back to 2 wheels now that I'm in uni in sheffield and have the peaks all around me.

So... missed me much?
'05 24Seven Crosser
'04 DJ3 130mm
HFX-9's with 8" rotors
Sunn Singlewides - DMR revolvers - 2.35 IRC Kujo DH
'04 Superfats - 24Bicycles Butterfly's - 37T Flamering
8spd XTR shifter - XT mech - SRAM chain & cassette


  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    When the forums merged there was a bit of a disagreement between the way things happened and subsequently the three groups all parted ways and created their own forums. is the MBUK version.
  • Mike DeereMike Deere Posts: 4,259
    Guy! Sh*t the bed, I remembered you last week actually... All the old sandbox people that you'll remember (Big Red S, Sir HC, Mike Skinner, Mike, El Capitano etc) have all migrated elsewhere... And last week we were discussing people that we remember, you included.

    The Bike Radar forums have kinda gone to pot, with all the most active members of the old forums moving to almost as soon as the change happened. Taken this place the best part of a year to get any active members again.

    Go sign up, now!
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