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1st outing on summer bike this year

turkeyticklerturkeytickler Posts: 640
edited March 2008 in The bottom bracket
I have been squirrelling cash away all winter, riding to work on my edinburgh courier and my ambrosio winter bike, all perfectly fine.... spent my cash on some bling for my summer bianchi, new bar and stem (millenium 4ever), new seatpot (visia (looks pretty even if it weighs a tonne)), new pair of ksyrium elites, new computer (strada wireless) and some brand spanking new Pro 3 Races..... the sleet / rain finally stopped this morning and the sun shone..... time to take it for a spin....

It was so nice to be back on the summer bike - everything is lighter and stiffer and more comfy and my new wheels (tyres?) feel much faster than the old R560s i had....

Came back covered in mud :evil: but cleaned up and ready to go again next time it stops raining for 5 minutes...



  • BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
    Good work Tickler, nothing better than the satisfaction of building up a bike over winter then getting out on the road again, just done the same to my ol' merida, using ebay over 3 months I saved a fortune, riding is currently limited to our indoor carpeted 200 m running track, 1 lap every 19 seconds and we'll cover 30 km every session! ! :shock:
    Itching to get back on the tarmac though.
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