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Yeti ASR SL - What forks?

The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
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I have just bought a frame in black (medium) and I have a lot of kit that is more mid - trail oriented rather than race that I want to put on it, that has come off of my Marin Attack Trail. ie:

Mavic XM729 rims on pro II hubs

Full XT drivetrain

Easton EA70, Thomson Elite/X4, Hope finishing kit

RS PIKES (at the moment) with 20mm bolt through hubs.

Probably Avid Juicy 5's

I know the ASR at heart is a race frame built around a 100mm travel fork, I could in theory just adjust my travel to 100mm on the pikes and run them OR sell them and buy a set of Reba Race. But I think the balance would be all wrong, plus I really need an air sprung fork as my Pikes are coil and I am slightly too heavy for the stock spring, I could change it but I feel they would be out of place on this bike.

I have just got the Hope QR Adapters (thanks to Dave Hill :wink: ) so can easily convert my front Pro II back to QR

Would Reba Race be a good choice...... or could I get away with some Air Revelations and adjust travel accordingly?




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