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Giant NRS2 Position 1 & 2 settings???

tantratantra Posts: 24
edited March 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
does anyone know what the position settings 1 & 2 are for, on the rear shocks on my Giant NRS2, and what difference they make.
Kind Regards, tantra.



  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    I *think* that each position gives a different leverage on the shock which means a different travel. That could well be wrong though.
  • RimTapeRimTape Posts: 243
    The two positions offer different amounts of travel.

    When the shock is connected to the holes furthest from the rear wheel then the travel is smaller and the pressure required in the shock is less.

    The manual I got with my NRS frame tells you the actual amounts of travel and the recommended pressures, but my copy is at home (and I am at work).

  • tantratantra Posts: 24
    Thanks guys,
    I think I'll buy myself a shock pump and experiment with the rear travel.
  • skylinerskyliner Posts: 613
    The NRS runs a "zero sag" system that only requires you match your body weight in lbs with the shock pressure in psi in the +ve chamber (from a setup course with Giant in 2003). Regardless of the travel setting. Then set the -ve chamber to about 2/3rds of the +ve pressure for a smooth action.
    Your rebound adjuster appears to be wound out a long way in that pic though.
    Try winding it in a bit to control the shock a little more on the rebound phase.
    You should be able to compress the shock and lift the back wheel off the ground just before the shock fully extends.
    This will improve stability on rough descents, and dial out pedal induced bob when out of the saddle.(although the NRS doesn't bob much)
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  • tantratantra Posts: 24
    I bought myself a shock pump and started experimenting with the rear travel positions, but every time I added air to the rear shocks, it started to loose air when I unscrewed the valve cap from the pump, from both possitive and negative chambers.As the negative only supposed to take 50psi, so it escapes quite quickly, and the positive you go by your body weight goes down too :roll:
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