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Check this dude out

jusgrayjusgray Posts: 154
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Where was the old bill for an on the spot fine?,,91211-1310244,00.html


  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    What a two faced idiot.
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  • jusgrayjusgray Posts: 154
    Yeah what a ****, did you read it as he said sorry straight away and realises he made some errors.

    If you read on it also it says he bikes to work and has a car follow him with his clothes and work stuff in :roll:
  • BigDutchBigDutch Posts: 127
    Just a few things -

    1) We've all done it when riding around town. It's one of the 'perks' of being a cyclist - if the road is clear you can normally get a jump on the lights.

    2) The bit where DC went the wrong way around the traffic island - the road was deserted of oncoming traffic. The only cars at the junction were not going to be crossing his stream or he theres.

    3) The red light at the traffic crossing was to prevent people crossing, not to control traffic. How many times have you been stood at a crossing looking at a row of stationary traffic while the light says you can't cross?

    4) he went the wrong way down a deserted one way street. So? I've met cars doing that plenty of times and have long since given up reporting it to the Police as there is censored all they can do about it even when you give them the registration number. In the words f a traffic policeman I spoke with recently "It's a completely unenforcable law"

    5) If it wasn't David Cameron would we really care?
  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    No, we wouldn't. But he is a politician, who contributes to the production of the laws he has broken. Therefore, I think he should take extra care to adhere to these laws.
    "Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling." ~James E. Starrs
  • BikedevilBikedevil Posts: 1,156
    Does his bike have refelctors? That's a legal requirement to ride on the road and also a near impossible law to enforce....
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  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    because cameron is an mp, and in the public spotlight so oftne, he should make sure he sets an example to the people. they cant expect people to abide by the law if they're not willing to!
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  • weedy1weedy1 Posts: 143
    Bikedevil wrote:
    Does his bike have refelctors? That's a legal requirement to ride on the road and also a near impossible law to enforce....

    You only need reflectors and lights between sunset and sunrise. Its legal to ride without them fitted any other time.(eg daytime)

    Its not legal to sell a bike without a certain set of reflectors though.

    Heres a link as to the legal status of it all.
  • xcracerxcracer Posts: 298
    Interesting comments below the article. Particularly the guy who thinks that cyclists should be killed! :shock: :shock: :shock:
  • Who cares, I do it all the time.
    It was took me ten times to realise that the road I go down everyday is one way :wink:
    Me like trials biking me do
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