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Spares or new seatpost??

Dohboy78Dohboy78 Posts: 172
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Hi guys,

Well I was out at Cwm Carn on monday and snapped the bolt on my 06 Raceface evolve seatpost!! After stopping a few fellow riders (Thanks to Y'all) who had no bolts to fit. We saw there was a guy in his digger doing some work, he just happened to have a bolt to fit.|So we bodged it together and I finished my run, then headed for the LBS. Apparently the bolt I need cannot be sought from Raceface anymore! Because they are high tensile steel Mr Shopman said it would be very hard to replace!
So my question is... Does anyone know where I can get replacement bolts for the seatpost?

If not... What seatpost do I get? I dont really want to spend more than £20 I ride mostly XC/Freeride. The post is 26.8mm for my DMR Exalt.

I found these so far... ... delID=3576 ... delID=3458 ... delID=3459

Are they any good??

Cheers in advance....



  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    I've got a brand new Evolve seatpost I'm looking to sell as I've swapped it for something else on my new bike.

    £15 posted if you're interested.

    If not, sorry for butting in.

  • Dohboy78Dohboy78 Posts: 172
    Thanks for the offer... Im not to sure about the reliability of the Evolves now.... If i can get spares then that would be ok...

    Think I may just get a new post with twin bolts one that has spares readily available.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Try a local nut & bolt supply shop. Each time I go in there looking for replacement bolts the lad in there tells me that they get bike people in regularly looking for replacement bolts for their steeds that come with cheap bolts that aren't up to the standards of British bolts. Decent bolts etc have a number on the head which has some relation to the torque limits of the bolt but don't quote me on that.
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  • Dohboy78Dohboy78 Posts: 172
    Unfortunatley the bolt is somewhere on the Cwm Carn XC route... But its a good idea.
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