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Avid Juicy 3 questions

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So my very first hydraulic rear brake arrived t'other day - w00t!

Firstly, the cable is 140 mm which is too long for my undersized hardtail. I don't mind cutting tube to size, so long as I can use normal housing cutters, but I don't know how to bleed. Will the hose that comes with the juicy 3 be suitable to cut down. If so, which end do I need to chop?

Also, I'm pretty sure my brake needs bleeding. When I squeeze it, it's about half the pull length before it starts to feel like the lever piston is engaging the fluid to compress. LBS recons it's a problem with the lever. Obviously they know more than me but I'd rather get a second opinion as in my experience, CRC have always been excellent, as have avid so I don't want to get all fussy when all it needs is a bleed. Does this sound like a common problem? As I said this is my first hydraulic so I don't really know where to start with diagnosis as I don't know what a normal brake feels like!

Any comments or lessons or trivia about bleeding, hydraulic brakes and the AJ3 are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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  • pittponypittpony Posts: 1,057
    You'll need a specific bleed kit (about £25!) if you want to bleed Juicys... There may be a little 'give' in the lever before the brakes come on but sounds like you have quite a lot. Do you know anyone else with Juicy hydros that you can compare the feel to?
  • no, but I've felt other hydros brakes and there's no way there'd be thatmuch play. I can pull the lever back to the grip and still only barely lock the wheel
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  • by the way, what exactrly are the symptoms of knowing when a brake needs bleeding?
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  • pittponypittpony Posts: 1,057
    Hard to explain, but mine just felt a bit soft and unresponsive. You can adjust the reach of the levers via a small hex nut. Check out the instruction manual for how to do this. Have you used the brakes yet? They will take some time to bed in before they'll feel sopt on.
  • yup, read manual. I've used the brakes to take to LBS for them to look at. not problem with bedding in
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