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Scott Reflex FX 25 07

felixpfelixp Posts: 16
edited July 2010 in MTB buying advice
Has anyone got a Scott Reflex FX 25 07?

Can anyone recommend or un-recommend? This bike??


  • berri_nberri_n Posts: 1
    I got one at the beginning of September as my first MTB. It's so good that I've become an avid MTBkr and have just ordered a Scott Genius MC 10, which is basically the same bike but with a Carbon frame. If your interested in buying my Reflex (mint condish) let me know
  • liamh2oliamh2o Posts: 1
    hey yh it is a really good bike ive had it for a couple of month's and ive tried other bike's and this is the best 1 ive used so far it take's all the bump's out of the road's and off roading so you dont and the lock'out come's in handy on the suspention so it can gain more speed rather than it bobing up and down lol XD when going up a steep hill it hasu can peddle it right up and not have to get up off the seat whitch can be a pain ( to most biker's) ive done tons of stunt's off and on road with it and it has taken all the abuse and still runs smoothly.
    the only downside is the hydraulic fluid's iveft side on the front leakin badly to the point the left side would be locked up.
    except for that probloem the bike is an allround mountai.
    good luck ...liam
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