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A Thorny Question (newboy)

HankeringHankering Posts: 3
edited February 2008 in MTB beginners
Hi All,

Recently started cycling after about a 35yr gap (my choice :lol: ) mainly to improve fitness and a bit of fun too.
After the initial complaints from the legs and lungs which is only to be expected I am really starting to enjoy it.
Got a cheapish MTB (Assos Salcano £167) which suits my purposes just fine.
It's used for road, cycle/tow path, bridleway rides, nothing extreme.

The problem I'm having is punctures due to thorns, having looked around on the web I've seen various solutions put forward from tyre liners either bought or home made from old tubes/tyres to specialist tyres.
I've also seen some tubes which self repair.

So the question is does anyone have any experience of these problems and how to overcome them.

Thanks in advence,


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