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howdi all..... im a bit lost

gaz.gaz. Posts: 7
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Im decided to get my lazy censored out on my bike and start doing some pedalling . Im lost on were to go around west yorkshire ,,, has anyone got any good ideas ????


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    West Yorkshire, Best place for riding. Otley chevin is a good little haunt.
    ilkey moor's not bad in parts but the descents are difficult and the ascents are near impossible.
    Try having a ride on the canal between Kirkstall and Saltaire. Theres a ton of really nice offshoots with big bomb holes and the suchlike. Try joining a group or something. A lot of the bike shops have a weekly ride or something.
  • Hedden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge, Norland Moor (above Sowerby Bridge), Hills above Ripponden, Marsden to Delph and round abouts, Holmfirth area. Loads.
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 59
    It all depends on whereabouts in West Yorkshire you are really. Like the previous posts say, there's loads really.

    Check out the routes above, and also get yourself to a decent book shop and have a look at the maps that they have for your area. You're aloowed to ride on any of the bridleways and tow paths shown so try to sting some routes together near where you live. You should be looking at the explorer series at 1:25000, theres plenty of detail and it also shows the contours so you can taylor your ride to suit your ability to start with.

    I'm in the Wakefield area, whereabouts are you? drop me a PM if you're nearby

    Dan daren't but he did anyway!!

    Boardman Mountain Pro
    Boardman Hybrid Team
  • danhxdanhx Posts: 165
    Hebden/Sowerby are littered with trails so I'm told, have not been that far yet I'm still exploring north of Halifax around Denholme/Oxenthorpe and over to Hebden road, easy enough to link up the trails and go over to Hebden too.
  • gaz.gaz. Posts: 7
    Thanks for all of the suggestions . I got my censored on my bike and had a ride out from kirkstall to shipley on the canal tow path , and now it feels like someone attacked my censored with some sort of house brick . Im think im going to have to start either riding with a pillow on my seat or just keep on using my bike ..
  • danhxdanhx Posts: 165
    I had the same problem at first, got some cheap DHB padded shorts and some undershorts to. Much better.
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Do the latter.... just get out and ride. You'll soon toughen up :wink:
  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    Out your gate, turn left, about half a mile on the right! :lol:
  • Has anyone actually been to any of the trails in and around Hebden or Sowerby?
  • gaz.gaz. Posts: 7
    I think its going to have to a few more times out on the bike and then i'll have to assess if the old back end needs a bit more padding ... But me being soft i'll still proberly end up getting some sort of padding . :lol:
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