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hi im looking for to buy a new bike thats between £400 -£500. i have been looking at the giant src 3 and the spezilazed allez, which one do you think is a better bike? thanks


  • feel
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    the one that makes your heart beat faster 8)
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  • i bought a lemond etape for 400 mate , can reccomend it , only a beginner but it feels pretty good to me
  • PostieJohn
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    feel wrote:
    the one that makes your heart beat faster 8)

    Is the correct answer.
    The world is your lobster with that budget, look at every model, the spec is going to be too similar to worry about, and I bet you will find 1 that will make you want to ride more than any other.
  • Rich Hcp
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    I second Allez

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  • Why don't you spash a further £45 and get the Giant SCR 2.0 You're almost there and it's a lot of bike for that money. There is an alternative in the Bianchi Via Nirone 7 at around £525, including Look Neo Classic's.