Which Bianchi 928?

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Shimano 105 with Mavic Aksium wheels or Campagnolo veloce with Khamsin wheels? The Campy version is £50 more, is it worth it? Which is lighter / more durable? I use shimano sora at the moment.

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  • redddraggon
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    I'd go for the Veloce, but there wouldn't be a massive technical difference between the bikes. Both would weigh about the same.

    Campag has the thumb levers a bit like Sora, but you can use it from the drops. 105 will have cables dangling in front of the bars.

    I personally don't think either choice would be wrong, but I'd lean towards the Veloce.

    Is this the C2C version?
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  • yeah its the C2C, seen it today in the shop and fallen in love with it!!! It gets good reviews too.
  • redddraggon
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    Try 'em both out, and get the one you prefer.

    Veloce > 105

    Aksiums > Khamsins

    Ah, bugger it, go for the Veloce.
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    Italian frame...Italian components,it just has to be.
    so many cols,so little time!
  • Went for the 07 model in the end, with Ultegra, carbon cranks,bars, post. Got it for £1400.
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    rossgalway wrote:
    Went for the 07 model in the end, with Ultegra, carbon cranks,bars, post. Got it for £1400.

    And you will love it.
    I got the Veloce last year and it's so comfy.

    Did you get it from a LBS, I only ask because myself and Wifey did a Sept Sportive, after a long summer of riding.
    We handed our bikes over to our LBS for a pre race once over.
    Wifey's bike, from Evans, needed xyz tinkered with, but with mine he just said 'you got that from a good shop, didn't you', and gave it back. (I think he must have been out on it for a little while)
  • yeah, slane cycles in belfast, the only bianchi dealer in NI. Its good to get properly measured and set up for the bike.
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    hope you guys don mind me resurrecting this old thread rather than starting a new one, but I'm just looking at purchasing one of these myself.

    I've tried the Via Narrone and the C2C 928 and I like them both. I prefer the veloce to the 105, although I have 105+Aksiums on my cross bike so it seemed like a logical choice, but I REALLY prefer the veloce so I think I going to go for that.

    I know very little about the Khamsin wheel set though - I see that the opinion is it doesn't quite stand up to the Aksiums.

    How´s your bike been since you bought it?

  • Great bike, highly recommend it. Only done about 1200 miles on it due to the bad summer. Used it for the Mounre Sportive, clubs/leisure runs, tt's, club races. The only problem was a small chip appeared at the top of the fork where the cable was rubbing. Got a new fork under warranty. Its a better one of their HOC bike so I was happy enough. The clear protection sticker is on the head tube but the cable is rubbing the fork so I got other sticker for it. I was going to get the 08 veloce model but prefered the shimano lever hoods - and the 07 ultegra model for the same price!!!. I'm really looking forward to some good weather to get back on it!!!
  • Had mine nearly a year now, shimano equiped, very smooth and quiet. I find it odd that it rarely gets a mention when sportive bikes are being tested. The frame and forks take the buzz out the the ride very effectively. Recently upgraded the wheels to shamal ultras and the ride is still fine.

    I have little experience of the Campo hoods, but found the shimamo devices comfortable.

    Cables do damage the forks over time and protection is required.