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Do i need to change my stem?

denpotdenpot Posts: 16
edited February 2008 in MTB beginners

Just started mountain biking and im finding my position a bit uncomfortable, i feel as though i'm having to reach/lean for the bars a touch to much. Should I get a shorter stem (currently 110mm) maybe? basic question i know but i just want to make sure before i splash out on some pricey carbon number now i'm addicted !!



  • Firstly, well done for getting a bike!

    I'd say try moving the saddle forwards first, shortening the stem will speed up the handling and make the bike feel twitchy.

    After that, try and see if your lbs will let you try some to work out what you want.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Getting a shorter, higher rise stem may hep. What bike is it, and size, and how tall are you? Did you test the bike first? You can also slide the saddle forward on the rails.
  • denpotdenpot Posts: 16
    Cheer's for the replies,

    I will play with the saddle a bit as mentioned, with regards to sizing i'm 5ft 11in, bike is a Trek 8000 2007 with a 19.5 inch frame which i realise is probably a touch to big!!

    Cant believe how much i'm enjoying riding a bike again, last time i had a bike was years ago (Mongoose Supergoose) which when i was racing BMX's but i think i was a touch fitter and a bit more co-ordinated...
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    On the face of it ot does appear a touch large - and obviously larger means longer too, not just higher. Try the saddle first as RW suggests, but if it still feels too far, then I'd go for a 90mm stem. Decent ligh weight ones can be had from 20 quid, like the Kooka race.
  • Put your elbow on the tip of the saddle and stretch towards your handlebars then the outside width of your other palm should be over the centre of your bars. This is a good guide which is about right for most people.
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