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Rubbing between fork and frame...

jackbapsjackbaps Posts: 15
edited January 2008 in MTB general
Hey guys, am quite a beginner here. I bought a Giant XTC 2.5 recently and it is an excellent bike! Am extremely happy with what it has dealt with so far!!!

Anyway...after a long ride the other day I gave the bike its usualy wash down (plastic bagging off the brakes etc). It came up AMAZING but I have a slight problem...which may not even be a problem!

When I turn the handle bar there is a bad rubbing sound which is coming from where the fork slots into the frame; see picture:



This is probably normal and will go away with time...just wanted to make sure and see if there were any ways to get rid of the rubbing?!

Thanks again, Jack.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    well there is a bearing and a rubber seal and some grease. so it will not be silent but there should be no big noise. if you are not sure get a bike person to have a listen.
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  • xonexone Posts: 71
    Did you use a jet wash up close? Sounds like a bearing case needs replacing?? under warranty? take it back to the shop, get them to have a butchers.
  • No I didn't use forcefull water anywhere I dont think!

    I should hope its under warranty as I only bought it a couple of months ago.

    Will take it back and see what they think.

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