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Does anyone use clipless with a platform?

BromskiBromski Posts: 239
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Hi all

I'm still not having a lot of joy with my clipless pedals, I don't want to lose the "pulling up" action, though.

If I get the type with a cage/platform, like the Shimano PD-M545 or the CrankBrothers Smarty, can I unclip when I need to and use them without accidently clipping back in and doing the comedy sideways fall?


  • dhxcmedhxcme Posts: 1,467
    it takes practice. the only way i learned.
  • wheezeewheezee Posts: 461
    I use Time Zs and you can ride on them unclipped. I suppose you could accidentally slip into the clip without realizing.
  • dhxcmedhxcme Posts: 1,467
    I know I just posted but I feel I should elaborate. My CB Mallets took time to get the feel of and I did go A over T a few times but after a while I found them to be good clipped or unclipped.

    It's just like learning to ride a bike.
  • BromskiBromski Posts: 239
    Lol dhx

    When you say you found them good unclipped, do you mean while still wearing your clippy shoes?
  • dhxcmedhxcme Posts: 1,467
    Yep. I tried them with flats and they didn't work properly but with clip shoes they worked loads better.
  • omegasomegas Posts: 970
    I use Shimano 424 pedals that have the cage around. I unclip and move my foot slightly forward if I am lacking confidence on any technical sections or north shore type areas that you might want to dab your foot down.
    You can still clip back in without knowing if you have them slackened all the way off as you don’t get that positive click but this does not happen that often.

    The Shimano DX M647 is a popular pedal as it has a large wider cage around them so should be easier to use unclipped.

    The other option is to use Shimano multi-release SH56 cleat, the cleat will even release with sufficiently hard (and considerable) upward force, good to learn with.
  • I use the Shimaon DX 647 pedal which is great however I must say that I usually remain clipped in all the time. Even with a platform pedal if you unclip and ride on the pedal without being clipped in your feet will not be in the optimum position which will probably add to the problem of falling off. I would say either commit to clipless pedals and learn how to get you foot out quickly if required, or stick to flats. do not view clipless with a platform as a sort of half measure in between because that is not what they are designed to be. The platfor is meant to add stability to the foot over regular clipless pedals (without a platform)
  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    Two things - M424 are sh!t pedals, they have an atiquated release that doesn't like mud. If you want a caged SPD it 647s or nowt.

    You can try to ride caged pedals unclipped if you like but presumably you're thinking of doing this over terrain you are unsure of. In this case, post the name of the nearest hospital so we can have a whip around and send you some fruit. The metal cleat is the highest point on the pedals so you'll have next to no grip and you won't be able to put the ball of your foot on the pedal for fear of it clipping in.

    Trust me I have had 424s and I ended up with a twisted knee after they failed to release in a crash, and I now have 647s and they are brilliant but they are NOT surrogate flats.
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  • S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
    Have to agree with the comments posted. I use Shimano M545's which I bought as a halfway house clipless/platform option, but they're useless when unclipped. The high point of the clip makes flat soled shoes uncomfortable and dangerous, and with clippies I keep accidentally clipping back in.

    The mud shedding credentials of the M545 mechanism isn't great, and the cage makes it worse.

    Go for cageless clips, and get used to unclipping, and have a decent set of flats for difficult rides.
  • bluefoambluefoam Posts: 102
    I use the DX M647 and keep the mechanism lose so I can get in and out quickly. I find that occasionally I will begin a descent without clipping in but usually clip in once I've got momentum. They aren't great for staying unclipped for long periods but give you plenty of flexibility & confidence...

    In my opinion you should go for the 647, it has a much better mechanism, which it the key to this kind of pedal.
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    I've got Time Freeride Z platform clipless pedals, but I've recently swapped them for a set of flats for the winter.

    They were pretty good in the dry, but in slippier conditions I found they just didn't work. The problem was that when I unclipped for a tricky section I'd have to concentrate on not accidentally clipping in again - and thus blow my chances of clearing the section anyway.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    I use Halfrauds "Freeride" pedals, they're Shimano SPD on one side and normal flat style on the other with grub screws etc.

    Just as grippy as regular flats and with the added bonus of SPD's plus they're only £40 :D

    Go looky :arrow: Free Ride Clipless Pedals
  • BromskiBromski Posts: 239
    Are FiveTen shoes with good flats a decent alternative to SPD's?
  • dhxcmedhxcme Posts: 1,467
    they seem to be getting that way but you sill can't use them to pull up. they just give phenominal grip.
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