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things we do for love...

TheGreatGatsbyTheGreatGatsby Posts: 818
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and this time not of cycling. I am selling my beloved specialized in order to buy my girlriend a more reliable and sensible car.

swapping a bike for a car, have I gone mad?



  • she has one

  • pb21pb21 Posts: 2,168
    Two will be twice as good then.
  • nwallacenwallace Posts: 1,465
    More reliable and sensible than what?
    If she is driving a landy round town and you want her to have a fiesta then fair enough.
    If you live on top of a mountain with a dirt track and want to replace her fiesta with a Landy then ditto. But do you really need to sell a bike?
    Do Nellyphants count?

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  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    gats, I worry about you.
  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697

    The sound of a man being censored -whipped.
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

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  • nah see she has to commute into cambs for work and leaves pretty late so I want her to have a reliable sensible car especially coming into winter. We'e pretty green thinking couple so we're gonna get an economical small car nothing bigger than what we need,

    At present I have my spesh which is my summer bike and my pinarello for winter. and considering my spesh is just sitting on its stand in the spare room it seems daft to not sell it on and put the proceeds towards a car. Besides come summer I can then buy a Prince safe in the knowledge that Ms Gats has her own wheels :wink:

    See I've thought about it now and I can see that the sacrifice is for the greater good!

  • vermootenvermooten Posts: 2,697
    You just have to ride like you never have to breathe again.

    Manchester Wheelers
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