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rock shox tora?

bikeperson45bikeperson45 Posts: 415
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Hi im looking at a new fork for my specialized hardrock and was wondering if
rock shox tora 302 would be a good upgrade. I loooked at reviews on mtbr and it got
3 out of 5. My LBS told me it was really good, but then they're the ones selling it to me...
I loke to do jumps and are basically asking will it be strong enough for a lot of abuse. If
not any other reccamendations?
Me like trials biking me do


  • Tora 302 is good fork for the money but is not designed as a Jump fork, it will stand up to tough abuse however if dirt jumping is your specific forte then i wuold look elsewhere possible to some Marzocchi Dirt jumpers however for general XC riding the Tora is the best in its price range. Are you looking at the coil or Solo Air model?
  • I have the Tora 302 on my bike and my bike geared up for XC, I wouldn't like to take it on any severe jump as they just don't look burly enough to survive to many huge drops.

    If you'r looking for something for jumping then I'd go for something a bit more jump specific.
  • Just bought the 302 with the poplock. I dont really do jumps just small say 4ft.
    Me like trials biking me do
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